Professional Dog Groomers


Its never too early to book your puppy in for a bath and tidy to minimize the scary sides of grooming. Whether you have a miniature or a giant breed of dog.










If you have a puppy, start by bringing him along for a bath and comb getting him/her accustomed to being handled from an early age.  We start slowly for a short time very gradually introducing the sound and feel of clippers and scissors continually praising for good behavour and build on this until your puppy is happy to stand still.  


They will learn to accept the routine far easier at an early age, standing them in good stead to enjoy a long life of happy grooming and having a healthy coat.


We take a lot of time and effort making sure that all puppies enjoy their stay with us and gradually learn the routine, leaving feeling happy and contented. Always ending with a play as a reward.


It is so important to accustom your puppy to being handled in a gentle and relaxed way, stroking his body and touching his legs, feet, face and rear.

Puppy Grooming

We recommend bringing your puppy in from 12 weeks old.