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Nail Clipping

Nail trimming is an important part of a regular grooming routine. If your dog’s nails get too long, they can break, or split, which is painful and sometimes results in an infection.  















The dewclaws are the nails loccated on the leg just above the paw. These nails don't touch the ground so they don't wear down as fast as the others as your dog walks on rough surfaces. Trimming your pets nails regulary will easily prevent these problems.



















One indication that your pet’s nails need a trim is when they begin to curve. And if you hear a clicking or tapping sound as your pet walks across a bare floor it’s definitely time for a nail trimming. But it is best not to wait that long, once or twice a month is usually a good rule of thumb for nail trimming.








What are dewclaws?


When should I get my pets nails trimmed?


All manner of dirt and grime can collect in your dog's ears so it's vital that you get them cleaned regularly to prevent any problems with infections.










Another important part of dog ear hygiene is making sure you get the hair plucked out from time to time. As you can imagine this isn't particularly pleasant for the dog, but it's crucial in order to prevent a build up which can lead to infections and inflammation of the ear canal.

Ear Cleaning