Professional Dog Groomers

Long-haired cats, especially those with the soft, fine, downy fur, that Persians are known for need to be groomed daily. Although cats are excellent self-groomers, long-haired cats benefit from extra grooming care by their owners.


Long-haired cats living indoors can shed all year round. During the main shedding season (springtime) when the weather turns warmer, the undercoat will loosen.The loose hairs if not removed by a long-toothed comb will become entwined with the guard hairs. This process is the beginning of a mat. The mat then becomes a cat hair magnet, inviting other hair to join it. By the time all the invitations are issued, the mat can be quite large.








Daily grooming is the key to stopping mats from taking hold in long-haired cats.

Brushing the hair helps prevent hairballs from occurring in both long and short-haired cats. Regular grooming sessions will also allow you’re cat the opportunity to bond with you, and the groomer.


If you have a long haired pet and wish to maintain the length, your dog/cat must be brushed and combed thoroughly on a regular basis, either by your groomer or by doing this yourself at home. If you require assistance in the proper tools or proper use of the tools to accomplish this, I will be happy to assist you.










Also, please keep in mind that when a short clip is recommended it is for the health and safety of your dog/cat, and the fur does grow back, usually in better condition.


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